• Preschool Programs

    Parent & Tot Walking to 2.5 years | 30 min class
    Almost Me ages 2.5-3.5 | 45 min class
    Just Me ages 3.5-5.5 | 55 min class
    Just Me Preschool May Advance to a SKILL GROUP PROGRAM
    Pre-Gen Advanced Preschool** ages 3-5.5 | 90 min class

  • Recreational Gymnastics

    ages 5+
    **AGI recommends attending 2 classes per week
    Beginner 60 min class
    Advanced Beginner 60 min class
    Level 1 75 min class
    Level 2 90 min class
    Level 3 120 min class/ 2 days per week

  • Competitive Team Programs*

    Pre-Team I/II ages 7+| 6-10 hrs per week
    Junior Olympic Level 3 ages 6+ | 16 hrs per week
    Junior Olympic Levels 4-7 ages 7+ | 20 hrs per week
    Junior Olympic Levels 8-9 ages 8+ | 24 hrs per week
    Junior Olympic Level 10 ages 9+ | 20-24 hrs per week
    *By Evaluation and Invitation Only Schedule an Evaluation

Age Group Programs

Our age group programs are accelerated training programs designed for the young, talented gymnast.

  • Preschool Programs

    Pre-Gen Advanced Preschool ages 3-5.5 | 3 hrs per week
    Athletes who age out of Pre-Gen may be evaluated for placement in our skill group programs or for continuation onto our fast track developmental teams.

  • Fast Track Developmental Teams

    AGI’s Talent Opportunity Program. Once an athlete in this program turns 7, they become eligible for testing for the TOPs National Team. TOPs National Team members are invited to train annually at the Karyoli Ranch in Texas.
    Next Gen FIG Ages 5-6 | 6-10 hrs per week
    TOPs 7/8 FIG ages 7-8 | 12-16 hrs per week
    TOPs 9/10 FIG ages 9-10 | 20 hrs per week

  • Elite Developmental & Elite

    This program is designed for highly motivated and talented athletes whose primary creative outlet is gymnastics and who have aspirations to compete at the highest tiers of our sport. .
    HOPEs FIG ages 10-13 | 25-30 hrs per week
    Junior Elite FIG ages 11-15 | 30 hrs per week
    Senior Elite FIG ages 11-15 | 30 hrs per week

Training Programs That Unlock Potential

Preschool. Recreational. Junior Olympic. College-bound. Elite-Bound.
No matter what path your athlete is on, AGI specializes in long-term athlete development.

It is our mission to create a foundation of gymnastics excellence.

  • Skill-Group Programs for athletes to learn and progress at their own pace
  • Age-group Programs for accelerated learning
  • Junior Olympic Teams
  • A Complete & Dedicated Elite Developmental Program

Effective Coaching Staff

Weight Lifting Class
Technical, hands-on, gymnastics training, spotting and shaping.
  • USA Gymnastics Professional Members
  • Background Checked & CPR Certified
  • Educated by National Coaching Staff
  • Proven Results Year after Year